Agas-agas: The Tallest Bridge in the Philippines


Leyte is well-known for San Juanico Bridge, the longest bridge in the Philippines. But a few probably realize that another outstanding bridge can be found here- the Agas-agas Bridge. Connecting two mountains and the two towns of Mahaplag, Leyte and Sogod, Southern Leyte, the bridge is the tallest in the country with a stunning height of 292 feet above ground or equivalent to a 30-storey building. Now, that’s an awesomely handsome structure.

What is even more exciting is that above this sckyscraping bridge is the jump-off point of an 880-meter long zipline!


Last December 30, 2011 I did try the ride with my family. And oh so exhilarating that was!

The view from the zipline was extremely thrilling as I flew higher than the bridge along a panorama of greens, mountain ridges and creeks. I wish I had a camera with me.

The good news is that bungee jumping and other extreme sports facilities are soon to be installed here. Adventure for sure beckons for the tallest bridge in the country.



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