Kalanggaman Island

SAM_0154the eastern sandbar

“Langgam” in Bisaya means bird. The small island situated across Palompon, Leyte  is shaped like a bird, with the eastern and the western sandbars stretching like wings, thus the name, Kalanggaman.

It’s an islet – with an area of mere two hectares, you can actually stroll through the whole island in just a matter of minutes.

The turquoise sea is so inviting the moment we landed on the island and finished setting up our tents, we immediately found ourselves frolicking on its pristine waters until the setting of the sun.

SAM_0188 the eastern sandbar stretches far more than the island itself

Getting there:

1. At least a week before your scheduled trip, contact the Palompon Tourism Office for your trip schedule and boat reservation. They don’t accommodate guests without reservation which is a way of controlling the flock of tourists to the island.

2. There are vans bound for Palompon in the Tacloban City Bus Terminal. Trip duration is 3 hours.

3. The island has no electricity and water nor any amenities so you have to bring your own food and utilities. There’s a designated cooking and grilling spot though and some staff will obligingly climb a coconut tree for you for some buko juice for only Php 30. They have only a few huts for rent so better bring your own tents,mats and/or hammocks if you’re planning an overnight stay. (I highly recommend it.) They have restrooms but only use saltwater.

SAM_0152 - Copy

4. Environmental fee for local tourists is P225 and at a much higher rate for foreigners. Boat fare is Php 3500 two-way which has a capacity of up to 25 passengers.  Look out for the sea because on a lucky day which rarely happens, you’ll get to see dolphins swimming with your boat. The ride is approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

SAM_0145 - Copythe calm sea makes it ideal for kayaks which you can rent for Php 150 an hour

5. Upon riding the boat, an orientation on waste segregation and island safety is given by a tourism officer. You will be given two trash bags – one for biodegradable and another for non-biodegradable which you have to bring with you when you leave the island. As the officer told us, whatever you bring with you to the island, you take it back when you leave. The island is also monitored by its own police station. They make rounds every now and then (which is not a bother anyway). By 10 pm, loud noise and music is not allowed anymore. Island serenity at its best!

6. The best time of the year to go there is from the months between January to April when the sea is calmer.


535074_10150838854911309_1724982944_nKalanggaman Reef is a marine sanctuary thus a great spot for snorkeling and scuba-diving

Gsunset at the other side of the island  

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