Boracay: The Beach That Never Sleeps

If there’s such a thing as a beach that never sleeps, then undoubtedly Boracay is. All along I’ve been thinking of this Boracay hype that I’ve had second thoughts of visiting the country’s most popular beach. But I’ve been wrong, Boracay, still somehow, deserve its glory.


at the number of tourists flocking the island year-round, you’d still get to wonder how a pristine beach like this is maintained in Boracay

If you’re the solitary type, Boracay is probably not for you. You can meander by the beach at midnight and realize that the place tends to get noisier as time gets late. Loud music, chatter, booze, you seem to find them everywhere. All kinds of shops and stores, you can find them just about anywhere. You’ll hear different  languages being spoken  and realize that it’s filled with utterly every kind of race – from Americans, African, Asians, Europeans, they even perhaps outnumber the Filipinos.

But what made me appreciate Boracay?

Riding on that speed boat as the waves got higher and the splatter of the rain got stronger, we were completely drenched and were literally shouting for joy. We were then transferred to a banana boat and got dragged this time by the speed boat at breakneck speed. The excitement started to escalate. The adrenaline rush was just too overwhelming.


But we were just starting. Helmet diving, island hopping, cove exploring,  and snorkelling followed. At the end of the day, after an eat-all-you-can dinner buffet by the beach for only Php 250, we continued with our beach saunter then window shopping and bar-hopping until the wee hours. I wouldn’t call it the beach that never sleeps for nothing…

601623_541286629221329_947528794_nthe 15 feet deep helmet dive

DSC_0204we wanted to try parasailing but lacked time and yeah, funds 🙂



How did we get there:

1. At the Kalibo Airport, we rented a car and paid Php 2000 divided by the 8 of us = Php 250 each for an almost 2-hour ride to the Caticlan Port. There’s a cheaper alternative though. Php 200 fare for a van which already includes boat transfer from Caticlan Port to Boracay Island.

2. At the Caticlan Port, we paid an environmental fee of Php 100 and boat fare of P 20. It took about 5 minutes to get to the island.

3. Upon reaching the island, we rode a tricycle and paid Php 20 (it’s the minimum trike fare) to get us to Central Boracay. Central Boracay is divided into three stations – Station 1 for the high-end hotels and resorts, Station 2 for most of the commercial establishments and the famous fire dancers, and Station 3 where the cheaper accommodations and less crowded beachfront can be found.

Read here for more info.

2 thoughts on “Boracay: The Beach That Never Sleeps

  1. Yeah, I’m not always leaning to very popular destinations, esp. in Philippines. My sisters and my girl would recommend Puerto Gallera and Boracay, but I always show hesitant for the fact that they are very touristy. The Helmet Dive interests me so much, though. How much? 😀 I’d like to do that.

    • I forgot the specific rate for helmet diving. :-(. hehe.. They offer packages (you can choose from a variety of aquasports) with prices depending on the season. It was September when we went there so we only paid P850 for a package that included banana boat, snorkeling, island hopping, cove exploring, and helmet diving (includes a CD of underwater photos taken by their photographers) . The rates could double up during peak season which I think is from the months of December to May. But yes, helmet diving was fun- diving 15ft deep and watching colorful marine life.

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