Prison Break

DSC_0033 a parol shines and evokes a feeling of hope for the inmates of Burauen Municipal Jail

The refrain of a Tagalog Christmas song accompanied by the strumming of a guitar wafted through the prison bars at around 8 in the evening. We would usually sing a song for them in the last three Christmas eves that we had been here.  But it surprised us this time as we were about to leave that these forty inmates would be singing for us.

We had just finished distributing Noche Buena meals to them that night. This had been a Singles for Christ Burauen tradition since 2009 – cooking Noche Buena meals for inmates of Burauen Municipal Jail using the funds we collected from singing  Christmas carols around the town.



handing out the Noche Buena packs to the inmates


SFC Burauen brothers preparing the Noche Buena meals





2 thoughts on “Prison Break

  1. Awesome activities. Such a noble thing to do. I usually volunteer during the holidays. Even my birthday last year, I spent serving the homeless. Such an amazing feeling being able to help in our own little offerings which means a lot to them.

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