The Streets of Sitio Palanas


Palanas is a small sitio lying between the border of the municipalities of Leyte and Tabango. Where every household in my town Burauen has at least a motorcycle and in the cities, a car, every house on bamboo stilts here own at least a small single-outrigger canoe.

DSC_0123 - Copy

The streets of Palanas are not the usual paved or cemented roads. When children go to school, run errands, or play street games it would mean paddling the canoe on the brackish waters and occasionally, having to take a swim.

DSC_0124 - Copy - Copy

These streets are also bountiful of crabs, prawns, milkfish,etc. which my seafood-loving-palate much to my delight had feasted on that day. This is where the majority of the community’s livelihood is sourced from.

DSC_0291 - Copy

As dusk approaches, these streets transform into one of the most picturesque phenomena in this humble village. Watching the beautiful sunset in Palanas was probably the highlight of my stay there.


The sun’s hues mirrored on the brackish waters dramatically changed almost every second, I wanted to savor every moment of it, and I did (ignoring the stubborn mosquitoes biting my knees as I sat on a boat, hehe).

Greeting twilight on the streets of Palanas? It’s one spectacular and lovely moment.


8 thoughts on “The Streets of Sitio Palanas

    • Ms Aleah, thanks. I would be so much pleased to see the “Solitary Wanderer” visiting my home province and even go boating in this small village.
      Didn’t realize that these pics could look so peaceful 🙂

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