Chasing the Pacific Sun

One of life’s greatest rewards is perhaps witnessing nature’s greatest phenomenons. Like the rising of the sun, when God makes a natural canvass out of the wide majestic sky.

It’s amazing to see how at daybreak the sky can change in just a matter of minutes, even seconds.

From deep disturbing shades of black and red…


To peaceful lilac…


To jovial yellow…

DSC_0287 - Copy (4)

And before you realize it the sun is up.

DSC_0254 - Copy (2)

A sign of new hope and new tomorrows.

DSC_0223 - Copy

Just like the cycle of life.


04.13.2013 Rizal Bay,
Dulag, Leyte Philippines

4 thoughts on “Chasing the Pacific Sun

  1. I love, love, love taking pictures of the sun. I like it when it’s red, or when there are thin clouds passing by it. The sun is amazing. Although, yeah, one moment it’s still dark out. You blink and the sun is already way up. there had been times that I would chase the sun for pictures but failed because the sun is quick to set/rise. 😀

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