My dear beloved Leyte, it breaks my heart to see you so devastated this way. I thought that surviving supertyphoon Yolanda was enough, I should have known better, dealing with its aftermath is another story of survival. But still, I don’t want to leave you, my beloved home for more than twenty years. You have taught me to be strong, and optimistic somehow.  Aren’t Warays known to be easygoing but tough people? It may be hard to fathom God’s reasons, but the trademark resilience of your people may probably have something to do in being chosen to be the bearer of the strongest cyclone to ever hit the world. We’ll get by, we’ll rise again, I know we can. We must, my dear beloved Leyte.


2 thoughts on “Yolanda

  1. Glad to hear that you and your family are safe, Cha. It was hard weeks ago for us here in Manila, unable to contact our families there. But I know that it was much harder for all of you there. Leyte will rise for sure from this. 🙂

    • Hi Marshie! I would have gone crazy thinking about my family if I were not in Leyte during the supertyphoon. It was probably how you felt during those days, and it’s really unbearable.
      I hope your family is safe as well. Though normalcy is still a long way off, Leyte is somehow recovering and people are still hopeful.

      Btw, it feels such a great luxury being able to have unlimited internet access tonight. 😉

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