Princess Diana could have looked like her hadn’t she died young.

“Oh, you’re only here for two days…” The blonde immigration officer said,
handing back my arrival card and Australian transit visa with a friendly smile,
without any hint of sternness, her accent reminiscent of Harry Potter movies.

“Yes. I’m actually going to New Caledonia.” I answered back with a smile.

“New Caledonia! What are you going to do there?” That Hermione Granger
accent again. And the excitement on her face. It mirrored the excitement in my

I’m attending a film festival.” I answered almost pensively, trying to contain my excitement.

Her eyes sparkled with much enthusiasm as she exclaimed. “Great! Good for
you! Welcome to Australia!”

I could almost hear the faint sound of the Australian  immigration stamp as it touched my passport. With barely two days to explore Sydney and with a connecting flight to New Caledonia after that, I’d have to make the most of my time in this vibrant cosmopolitan city.

1P1360784 - Copy



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