Perhaps one of the craziest things I did while traveling solo was using the public transportation in Italy without a ticket thrice (yeah not just once – two bus rides and one tram ride) and getting away with having to pay a fine of fifty euros or a total of a whopping one hundred fifty euros without even being aware of it.  I remember somebody from Venice telling me that I had been so lucky that day. Would I do it again? Most probably not. What was one crazy thing you did while traveling?






2 thoughts on “Italy

  1. Hi miss Cha,
    I like your stories. I love travelling too and can relate to your stories.
    What’s happening in 2017?
    If ever you will visit Europe again, then please visit my country Netherlands/Holland and my city Amsterdam.
    I will be happy to guide you around.
    Enjoy your trips,
    Kind regards, Robert

    • Hello Robert,

      Thank you for the kind comment. I am such a slacker when it comes to posting my travel stories. Amsterdam is one of the cities I’ve been to in Europe and I haven’t posted anything about it yet. I love Amsterdam. It’s not only the place that is beautiful but the hearts of the people living in it as well. I was able to experience Dutch hospitality in your city. I definitely would love to visit again.


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